Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Online Writing Workshops

It's November '09 in the wet country.  Parts of Galway, Clare, and Cork are submerged. The country's broke.  The Irish soccer team isn't going to the World Cup in South Africa next June – they lost to France because an unfair goal was allowed by the referee who didn't see the 'hand ball' error made by the French captian, Henry. All public sector workers went on strike today, and another strike is planned for next week in protest of the proposed pay cuts in the next budget. Can it BE any worse? 

Online Writing Workshops

Meanwhile Niall is busy writing writing and writing.  We are setting up the website for online writing workshops. So check back soon. Or send an email if you're interested to Niall's website

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Irish Cottage Dreams said...

The online writing workshop sounds very interesting.. I will check back again to see when they will be offered. :)

best regards, Kimme