Saturday, 4 July 2009

Turns out I'm not keeping up to date with my blog.... Ah well. Here's the news. It's July 4th.... in Kiltumper and to celebrate, I brought in some red white and blue sweet peas for the table. Not much for a Yank but after 24 years it feels like just another day. Meanwhile, the family and I have been to France for our holiday... a lovely village in the Maritime Alps called Valbonne, very near to Grasse and Mougin. It was a holiday to celebrate both our children's accomplishments, one in finishing the Leaving Cert and the other in graduating from the National College of Art and Design. (Check out her website: ) We're just back, in fact. The garden is bustling with colour and scent, but weeding it has given me a back ache today. With the sun shining there's nothing to complain about. The swallows are doing their daily maneuvers between the rafters in the open cabin and the air above my garden as the babies have learned how to fly.

Next weekend sees the first of our Kiltumper Writing Workshops for this year and we are looking forward to another one on the Bank Holiday weekend in August.

If you're interested in a nice article on Co Clare.... the husband wrote a very good piece for the travel section of the Irish Times