Sunday, 17 April 2011

National Academy of Writing

Angel from Kiltumper
Okay so it's not a spring photo.  But I'm thinking about Angels lately.  My sister sent me 3 from overseas.  How they found their way to me is beyond knowing.  (A cloud of unknowing sometimes does be enveloping me but that's another story.)  So I accepted them with gratitude.  You never know when someone has your back.

Meanwhile, over in London, I've been participating in the National Academy of Writing Masterclasses in -- writing.  One of 12 writers selected, I'm working on a novel with a working title of Chelsea Morning.  I had submitted 5000 words of Two Blue Moons -- a finished, yet unpublished work -- but have decided to keep that in a drawer.  Once upon a time, a NY agent who shall remain nameless told me it was more like a second novel than a first novel.  So logic dictates I should write the ubiquitous 'first novel' first.

So wish me luck...