Friday, 2 November 2007

November News

First of all... many thanks to all the readers who are wondering and waiting patiently to receive our Kiltumper Newsletter. (I'm wondering myself where it is.) In the meantime, until we get our act together, this blog will have to suffice. And don't be shy. Go ahead and write your comments.

Niall has two novels coming out next year. John is due out in February in the US and Canada(you can already order on Amazon) and it comes out in September in the UK and Ireland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. The sequel to Boy in the World, called Boy and Man is scheduled for publication in June 2008. Meanwhile a new paperback of Boy in the World comes out in January.

For any of you who have read what we call our 'Kiltumper Books', which are in short supply or weak demand now judging from our last royalty cheque you'll know about our children. Our daughter is a third year student at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin studying fashion and our son is a fifth year student in secondary school. Two terrific people and the loves of our lives.

When I'm not in the garden or nagging the Husband about something or another I'm at the computer writing. I write bi monthly columns for The Clare People: one on health and one on gardening and a monthly book column. It keeps me busy and lets me believe I am communicating with the world from what feels like the middle of nowhere. Also, I am hanging out my shingle again to say that I am once again a practicing homeopath. Next month should see me working one day at week at The Henry Street Clinic in Kilrush.

So there you go. That's what we're up to. Watching the leaves fall. November here sees Rudbeckia and Sedum and Nasturtiums highlighting the garden. The delphiniums are fooling themselves into thinking they can bloom again. Will they beat the first frost? The hopeless summer redeemed itself in the glasshouse where tomatoes are ripening faster than we can harvest them. It'll be pasta and tomato sauce from now until Spring....

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Jimi Kelso said...

Hi Christine,

So glad to have an update from you.

I read your books last year. All of them in quick time! I loved all that was happening with you and your family.

We live in Colorado and the winter has come. It is lovely and cold with snow every few days.

I hope to be able to find some more of your books here, I do live in a very small town and it isnt always easy.

Take care and stay warm.

Jimi Kelso